5 Unique Gifts for Your Christmas Needs

5 Unique Gifts for Your Christmas Needs

Christmas should not be stressful, but purchasing gifts for your loved ones can be! What do you get for that person who has everything? What about your friend who doesn't like anything? And what ever happened to the "buying on a budget" concept? Darrellene Designs has exclusive pieces that can satisfy a wide range of budgets. Below, we will give you five suggestions on beautiful gifts for those friends and family members in your life who can be difficult to buy for! 

1. A Mug and Hot Cocoa Bundle: For Your Budget-Friendly Needs

Santa mug

This charming mug comes in several designs! Whether you were hoping for a seasonal design or a style that can be used year-round, this can be a great gift that your wallet will thank you for. Throw in a hot chocolate bomb wrapped in a cute cello bag, and call it a day! You can get hot cocoa bombs from your local grocery stores, as well as small businesses in your area! They are all the rage this year!

2. A Heart Board: For that Special Lady in Your Life

This piece is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for a wide range of ages! If you have a teenager, wife, mother, or friend that you do not know how to buy for, this can be used in many creative ways. Hang your jewelry, scarves, or keys from your new heart board! Alternatively, this piece comes in several other styles with and without hardware attached. You can be your own artist and take a trip to Hobby Lobby to find hangers and handles to add to it!

3. An Inspirational Art Square: For Your Prayer Partners

Immersing yourself in prayer is a beautiful thing. This awesome art square is a wonderful reminder that the Lord is showering you with blessings each and every day. This piece is not only pleasing to the eyes but warming to your heart, as well. Your friends would be happy to receive such a thoughtful gift from you! Get it on an 8" x 8" square.

4. A Coaster or Lazy Susan: For the Men and Women You're Buying For

There is a great assortment of coasters and lazy Susans offered by Darrellene Designs. Men and women are sure to find an illustration that they love! If you are buying a couples gift, you can find the perfect combination of both styles. Darrellene has several original paintings including: animals, flowers, and scenery. Find exactly what you are looking for at the links above!

5. Wall Art: For Your Extravagant Friends

If a small-sized gift isn't enough, how about a larger piece that will "wow" any guest that enters your home? With an array of colors and designs, these vintage cheese label inspired paintings will spruce up any room. They have a great quality construction made in the USA and can even withstand snow, rain, and sun!

Visit the website to find more items that you will love in your home! 


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