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Trending Now - Vintage-Inspired, Eclectic Decor

According to the 2022 Interior Design Trends article, this year is about taking comfortable risks. Rich and moody colors are trending now as well as vintage-inspired eclectic decor. Our vintage-inspired Bright & Early Rooster and so many other pieces have those dark moody hues and the color of the year "Pacific Night". 


Colors are being used as a key element to add style and personality to your home. Check out all of our French vintage-inspired treasures to help you create a space that is unique to your style and all your own. Vintage-Inspired, Eclectic Decor makes a home uniquely you! Our 46" art is sure to make a statement piece in any home! Choose from artlazy susansmugscoastersinspirational art squares and throw pillows.

Instead of all white, designers are using dark moody hues, such as the color of the year "Pacific Night" and our happy french goat is another perfect piece to add as well as many others with our dark blue hues! All of our original art is hand-painted by us and reproduced in various formats for unique treasures for your home.

Bright statement colors are being used as a key element and we have so many choices and fun colors to add to any decor. Some examples are the Blue Rooster and Pink Poppy! We offer our designs in a custom 46" size if you are ever interested in a special order. They make great tabletops.
More natural finishes like in the Gold Bee, Black Fleur and Deer offer warmth to any room without being too much. A lazy susan in our many vintage designs is a must for every kitchen!
We can help you create a space that is entirely your own. Incorporate a vintage themed piece from Darrellene Designs that will make you smile and create a space unique to your style!